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Real estate building is a complex process from start to finish but what most architects face issues with are the approvals of designing concepts. This is especially true for building designs of specific projects like hospital and school buildings. These are considered the cream de la cream within real estate projects because of its additional intricacies and specifications that are to be incorporated into the designs. Here are some tips to get these sensitive projects done without many hiccups:

3D rendering technology has seen its best times in the last decade. From being a completely new and alien technology to being used for multiple functionalities, it has grown. The 3 artists at RenderTech Studio, in the light of this knowledge, would like to share the main tools that they use in order to convey a story. Rendering technology is no longer a medium to transmit information but it is used to convey a story, a rather important one at that. Here is how it happens:

Jewelry designs are often the most difficult to envision without a picture or the real piece. It has several intricate nooks and corners which are just beyond words. So how do you convince your customers of buying a design that they are not able to see yet? Sure, sketches used to work in the last decade but what about now? Would a client be willing to pay for costly gemstones which they have no way of being able to see? Absolutely not.

Up until now, product designs were exclusively sold based on product photographs. The manufacturer would bear some losses to produce a few units of a newly designed product and get it out to a professional photographer and get some good pictures clicked. This clicks would be used heavily in the marketing and sales process to convert potential clients and reap the benefits.

3D visualization is a creative process that is similar, but advanced than that of a professional photograph. It involves scenes to be staged and spaced so that high-quality images are produced. But, what makes 3D rendering stand out? A major difference between professional photography and 3D rendering is that the images are produced through the software are a realistic view of something that is in a design phase. While photography can capture everything that exists, 3D rendering shows how a design will look when it is executed.

The time has gone when Virtual Reality (VR) was related to only science and fiction. It is now used to view 3D visualization that is used for all types of commercial purposes. With the best technology and visualization methods, 3D rendering has become more sophisticated and is being used in the entertainment industry, manufacturing and development processes. Apart from using rendering for entertainment, architects, designers, and engineers too can benefit greatly by incorporating it in their work.

How many times do you wonder about having your personal oasis in the backyard? The magnificent thoughts of how will it look and what all you can fit! But is the space sufficient? Do you have everything planned? Won’t it be too much of a wastage if something didn’t look as good as you imagine? How about being able to show the contractors exactly what you want, before they can create it? RenderTech Studio is here for you! We offer rendering technology that helps you materialize the landscape even before you move things around!

You can now turn the designs that you have in mind to reality using the power of technology and 3D rendering. RenderTech Studio has taken it a step forward by providing you with interactive scenes to look at an object from multiple perspectives. Enjoy a Virtual Reality experience of a design and get to visit a space that is yet in designs.

While constructing a new project or remodeling any space at home or office, a lot of things are at stake. But with 3D visualization, there is no anxiety about the end result. Even if there are certain disagreements between the designer and the client, there are ways to avoid it. What are the steps? Obviously, a sound decision is needed before finalizing the contract.

RenderTech Studio provides images that a manufacturer or builder can use in the catalog. How do use these images for marketing? The 3D visualization is accurate and real and at the same time appealing and artistic. The clients are so mesmerized by rendering project that its cost and complex workflow are considered to be minor obstacles. The product photos are of the highest quality and much-needed solution to impress the end users.

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