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Virtual Reality is the ultimate game changer for architects

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As an architect trying to win a client, you have already tried everything possible from a mood board to a carefully crafted PowerPoint presentation to reflect the full scope of your work. But it doesn’t seem fulfilling yet, right? It feels like there was some part of the design that just could not be highlighted the way it should have been. Did the customer understand how brilliant the design is and how much time and effort you have put into it already? Guess being sure about whether the client was really impressed is just not possible in every instance.


While in the past, architects have not paid a lot of heed to Virtual Reality. It was considered upcoming technology and perhaps to unreal to apply to reality. There was far more emphasis on the creation of real 3D models of the designs to showcase to the customers. But recently, the improvement in technology and feasibility of its application has increased tremendously in this industry. Now, a VR presentation of the project can alone manage to convert sales and there is hardly a need for the salesperson to provide an in-depth analysis of the project.

So what exactly does VR do for architects that make it a game changer?

Improved workflow and communication

VR makes communicating the design process very simple. The presentation can be set and clients can be asked to go through it. Within minutes they would have gone through the entire concept and get a realistic view of what to expect from the deal.

Parameters of the design

VR is perhaps the only way in which clients have a real-time ability to see the design and request for changes. They can compare various options, and choose the ones that they like.

Client attention

This is perhaps the hardest to get when the industry is so highly competitive. There are so many options that a client can choose from. Having a VR presentation communicates not only your design to the potential customer but also the fact that you are serious about it and know every aspect of what you are doing.

Value addition

Architectural work relies on the quality of the work and providing a clear idea about the design to the client. While most people are good at providing good quality work, they falter at being able to communicate it. 3D rendering and VR can help create an additional value to the client wherein they are not required to trust an idea but approve it after analyzing every aspect of it.

How do I find a good VR provider for my architectural designs?

RenderTech Studio, based in Canada, takes Virtual Reality projects across the globe and provides a quality output. You can retain your client’s attention with this high-tech presentation built at your convenience by industry expert artists. Contact the RenderTech Studio team to get a quotation for your project and while you are at it, ask for a free demo too.

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