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The biggest secret to interior design sales is out!

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Interior designers often get several inquiries from people going through the websites, through word-of-mouth publicity or because of correctly placed advertisements. But how many of these inquiries convert to sales? If you were to track the numbers, what is the best percentage of conversions? Are you happy with this number yet or would you like it to grow more? Obviously the latter.


You can have years of experience and hundreds of projects completed but there is always a doubt when a new customer starts working with you. They could have seen your previous work but what about the work that they have to pay for? Converting clients and business development are the major challenges in this industry and no interior decorator or firm will deny this. Whether you work on client servicing yourself or have a team to do it, doing it effectively is the problem.

So what are you doing wrong?

You have great designs and amazing prospects. But communicating this to the clients is a major challenge. They want designs that are ergonomic and economic whereas you want to innovate and have artistic freedom. You reach a compromise but how do you justify it to them? They want to see something that is tangible but what can you show them except the design concept on a piece of paper and an endless explanation to go with it?

How can this situation be made better?

While it seems tempting, providing factual information verbally is not the solution. The potential clients need to ‘see’ what you see. An eloquent speech will just not cut it. The secret to getting out of this situation unscathed is by using the power of technology. 3D rendering and visualization will help you get through this rough patch in absolutely no time at all.

Make your sales pitch a huge ball of success by providing your clients the answer to every question that they may have about the design, but without them having to ask for it. Create a presentation that is not only impactful but also totally based on the design that you have in mind for them and is visually very appealing.

Who can I contact to get help with rendering technology?

3D rendering technology has greatly evolved in the last half a decade. There are several companies offering these services but you should select one which shares your artistic vision and is willing to understand it fully before they start work. RenderTech Studio has a great reputation for doing exactly this!

Overcome your sales conversion challenges by showing clients your vision using technology and focus on the best aspects of your work. Create an emotional connection with them by getting into all of the design details and not just a few. Appeal to their aesthetic sense by giving them a completed view of their living space by collaborating with RenderTech Studio. Log on to http://rendertechstudio.com/ and get an idea of how 3D rendering can help you!

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