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Real-estate sales made easy with interactive visualization

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Traditionally, sales and marketing in real-estate and interior projects take up a huge chunk of the budget and the management provides it happily because it is this department that is bringing the money in. The productivity of the sales team depends upon many factors such as the construction site, the builder’s brand image, convenience of the office location, adequateness of the building details provided, promotions, advertisements and the professionalism of the staff members.


But is that enough for the modern-day tech-savvy customers? No! You need more. Attracting a customer to the site is perhaps possible using the above mentioned but is it really adequate to convert into a sale? Would customers be able to imagine a building just as you describe it? Highly unlikely. Black and white printouts are perhaps the lowest you can go in trying to explain your design. But even the companies who make an elaborate attempt tend to not do much better. So what is the solution then? When in doubt, turn to technology.

Interactive Visualization

This is a variation of a 3D visual but one which starts with a broad or heightened view of the space. It can start by giving the customers a sense of the entire site perhaps even including the roadside. It can be zoomed in to view specific parts of the construction. It helps in making the customer see a big picture of the site and then move towards what they would be paying for in particular. It also helps the customers make comparisons because there are panoramic views of the rooms that can be made available. They can select the layout that they like before making buying decisions.

Virtual Walkthrough or Flythrough

Using Virtual Reality, you can have a walkthrough or a flythrough of the property created. This will show all of the details of your design and project to the customers without any human interaction. It is fully driven by technology and virtually transports the potential customer to the construction site when work on it may have not even begun yet.

How is this technology useful?

For starters, your sales staff can seriously cut down on futile explanations of the space to potential customers. Not only is it not useful to drill down technical details but also makes the sales pitch ineffective. Instead, opting for technology to show them the end project has many benefits like offering customizations and letting them feel the space before it is constructed. The design nuances were never easier to show-off.

Where can you get this technology from?

RenderTech Studio is a leading name in providing 3D rendering services to big names in the construction industry. The 3D artists are experts in the creation of commercial spaces with the kind of detail and highlights that you expect to put forth to clients. You can drastically improve your marketing and customer tackling approach using the polished versions of 3D visuals created by expert 3D artists at RenderTech Studio. Contact the team for a free demonstration today.

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