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The choicest software for 3D interior projects

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In today’s day and age, it is imperative that interior designers are able to produce a clear image of their designs to the customers. This gives them a sense of direction that the designer intends to take and justifies the budget set for the project. It is the single most important thing in the interior decoration world that helps convert leads to sales. This is because 3D rendering helps designers give their clients a realistic view taking proper lighting, textures, and weather into account to come up with a lifelike image.


RenderTech Studio is a trusted name in the 3D visualization industry for not only its years but also the fines that are applied to every project. The 3D artists realize that the visual will only be useful for an interior designer when it contains their entire vision and every intricate detail. IT can show the client how serious you are and how good your designs really are!

So when asked about the software used for interior projects, the 3D artists at RenderTech Studio had a clear list. Here is a summary of the experts’ recommendations:

Google SketchUp

This is believed by a lot of people to be a rookie or a starting point in learning about 3D rendering but is one of the most effective tools to get the perfect 3D visual. It is not only user-friendly but also provides an incredible spatial view, a host of colors to use and materiality options. The software also allows the creation of a construction pop with the use of furniture, scale figures, and lighting fixtures. Its interface is considered to be the best and helps the artist tremendously with the creation of a photo-real image.


This software is relatively new and is being considered a dark horse in the 3D rendering industry. It is fast, easy and convenient. It provides the user the options to change things in the creation of the scene with tremendous ease. You also get the option to preview the image and tweak the parts that need it.

3DS Max and VRAY

These two tools just by themselves are sufficient to provide you with the best that the 3D visualization world has to offer. Admittedly the software is costly and perhaps cannot be used for a one-time project only. But if you are a large firm that can afford to invest in great rendering software technology then this would be the way to go. Another easy way to get to use them for your 3D images is through RenderTech Studio of course.

There are, of course, several other software that are actively in use and have their own unique features that might help your design shine. You can get in touch with the experts in the RenderTech Studio team to understand what software would be a perfect fit for your 3D rendering needs. Contact the best in the business http://rendertechstudio.com today.

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