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The art of 3D rendering

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Art has been a part of the human history since forever. Its evolution usually gives us a deep insight into that time period and what the people were like at the time. The Renaissance, the romantics’ era, the enlightenment period, the dark ages; the sculptures and monuments reminisce the time that was. When you look at it relatively, it seems that 3D rendering is a mere dot on the spectrum, but a rather important one.


What is 3D rendering?

With the evolution of technology, it is possible to create intricate designs on a 3D platform using software to create a photo-realistic image. This is known as 3D rendering. It has grown and developed with the advent of technology and has started seeing its peak years currently with the increasing focus on providing the most accurate view of the product before it is produced. There are tools now which make the creation of 3D visuals seamless. This helps the customers understand the designer’s vision in a much better format.

It is a form of artistic expression wherein a 2D image or design is given a 3D virtue through the use of colors, lighting, and textures. It is created using advanced software and requires an immense amount of imagination, precision, and attention to detail.

Who is a 3D artist?

A 3D artist is one who is able to put the designers view into an actual 3D visual. Commercial 3D experts, such as those with RenderTech Studio, are more apt at adopting the client’s view of a project and work towards showcasing the best aspects of a design using 3D platforms. RenderTech Studio is among the few 3D visualization providers that ensure that the effective working of a design can be reflected in a visual.

Who can use 3D rendering?

Whether you are an architect, a product designer, an interior designer or a jewelry designer; you can do wonders using 3D rendering in your world. It can be put to task in explaining your design to the potential clients without saying a word about it. Let them marvel at what you have created without it actually being in existence. You can also use rendering technology to perfect your own work and critique it before it is put into production. A 3D view gives you and your clients the perfect way to see a realistic image of the product or space before it comes to life.

Where can I get my rendering work done?

RenderTech Studio is based in Canada and works across the globe on rendering projects. You can get a 3D visual, exterior visualization, product rendering, commercial rendering or 2D and 3D floor plans made at the best prices and utmost quality. Check out http://rendertechstudio.com/ to see our previous work files and contact the customer service team to discuss your project specifically. Get the best in the rendering business, speak with the experts of 3D visualization at RenderTech Studio.

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