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RenderTech Studio’s 3D visualization process

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What is a 3D rendering project?


3D rendering is the new-age version of a realistic picture which uses software instead of imagination. You can get the perfect likeness of a product or space using 3D rendering software and techniques. These high-tech images are perfect to be able to see a realistic version of the design. It is a fairly developed technology and which uses textures and light effects to bring an image to life.

The best in the industry?

RenderTech Studio has a team of expert 3D visualization artists that have been in the business for several years. New software and technology keep coming up in the 3D rendering world and the team at RenderTech Studio have vowed to be able to help customers using the friendliest of them. This helps the customers being able to showcase their designs with the most advanced and sort-after technology.

Who does RenderTech Studio help?

Architectural rendering projects are among the most common type of 3D projects that the experts at 3D visualizations work on a routine basis. These could include exterior or interior of a building project or even floor plans. Apart from that, interior designers benefit a great deal from taking the help of RenderTech Studio to showcase their work.

So, what is the process to create a 3D visual?

RendreTech Studio always starts with the client’s vision. You are the most import part of your design and our team spend the maximum project time in understanding what you visualized. Based on the design, its intricacy and 2-dimensional points, the camera angles are determined. These are nothing but the point from which the image will be seen. Simulations and animations are often decided at this stage too.

The next step is to create a 3D visual which is a digital version of the design that you have created. This is done using a software that is most suitable to your design and output requirement.

The 3D artist then adds an array of textures and lighting effects that give the visual a real life-like view. You can choose from multiple types of 3D visuals or even go for a virtual reality tour of your entire project.

Rendering and refining are the next steps where the image is further improved to create an entire scene and update the lighting and textures in order to fulfill the exact project requirement. The delivery of the work is over shared drives or email depending upon the resolution requirement of the images.

How to get your designs converted to 3D visuals?

Create rendered images for projects that require coming to life before you can venture into creating them physically. You can get this done in the most professional and convenient way using RenderTech Studio’s premium 3D rendering services. Contact us through http://rendertechstudio.com/ today!

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