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The hottest interior designing trends that you must know about

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Whether you are a DIY designer for your home, a seasoned interior specialist or a rookie designer, you have to keep yourself updated about the newest trends and the hot happenings in the industry. This helps you think more in line with the new stuff in designs and more tuned into the seasonal favorites.

So here are the trends for 2018 for you:


Color choices

All the big names in the industry are choosing bright and bold colors this year. Courage, determination, and survival are all reflected in these choices. Neutral colors are passé and people are not associating with anything that looks limp. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you use only and all bold colors. Remember to balance them out. Perhaps make one of the walls stand out more than the others?

Darker finishes

Just like the color choices, the textures and finishing trends are bolder too. Brass and mixed metals are being used to give the home a classic yet mesmerizing finish. You can use them in the spotlight zones and use other textures and finishes to complete the look of a room.



People want at least one space, if not all of it, which completely resonates with who they are. This sense of identification associated with space makes it a requirement that an interior designer considers the qualities of a person when designing a space for them. There is an energy flow within the house usually starting from this customization.

The vintage feel

There are several antique stores that can provide you with lovely vintage home décor items. For the interior space that you are designing this year, don’t forget to add a touch or two from the era that the homeowner most appreciates. This emotional connect helps establish the space better.

A 3D visualization

The best way of staying ahead in the interior designing trends this year is to have your design 3D rendered so that you have a 3D visualization of every aspect of it. It is a great new way to ensure that you have optimized every corner of the space and that your design is exactly what the client wants. You can make changes, review the colors in various kinds of lighting and get an understanding of how the room will actually look after it is done. It is infinitely more cost-effective than redoing the space because the client did not like it.

To ensure that you make the most of this season’s trends contact RenderTech Studio for a 3D rendered image of your designs. Get a demonstration of how this works and a quote on what it would cost from the 3D visualization experts.

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