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Inspirations for your home designs

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The manmade wonders of the world are just as mesmerizing, sometimes, as the natural ones. Homes are a reflection of people’s personalities and there is much ado about getting it just right. Everything from the color to the textures, the furnishings to the accessories are important and require the right amount of effort. What if the design has a flaw in it then? All the hard work and effort straight down the drain? Uh un! Not if you have RenderTech Studio by your side.


You can get a 3D visual of your design before you even start the construction or renovation work. Check if everything does match up to what you imagined and make changes in the design if you must. In fact, go a step further, get an exterior and interior visualization of your project to have a complete view of your future home. RenderTech Studio can help you save 1000’s of $$s on changing things after it is constructed.

Having said that, we understand that having to design something that is perfect can be time-consuming and tedious. So our experts have put together some design inspirations that you can use for your home. Take a look:

A playful exterior

Most people who have a huge backyard put in a swimming pool to be used in the summer months. You can put in a skating arena in yours. A house in California, owned by a world champion skater, has put in skating arenas everywhere in his house. You can perhaps put one?

Modern technology

A smart house is just something that can help you get through the day. Have your belongings protected in a smart way, let your house light up every time you are around. Use the present-day technology to make your world a better place to live. You can automate one or more areas of the house especially security and comfort. Those mood lights changing setting are just one of the perks you get.

Antique décor items

Yes, we just spoke about a modern home. But the old world charm just ties everything together, doesn’t it? A grandfather clock or a plush sofa set. Something that is a reminiscence of the simpler times gives your home a perfect balance. Again, you needn’t go berserk on the antiquities. Keep it simple and bring harmony to your home.

Transparent walls

  1. OK. Maybe not have this in the bathrooms but a transparent divider can be the perfect setting to make a bigger room cozier. It doesn’t have to go through the room, you can create a small corner and put in a cozy recliner chair for yourself there. Set the lights to make it the perfect reading room for yourself.

No matter what kind of a design you select, the RenderTech Studio team can help you see it before you actually start work. Contact for a free demonstration and a quote today.

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