Render Tech Studio

    RenderTech Studio was formerly known as Creative Inc. and was established in 2007. The rebranding was so that the company could be identified by its primary work. While it started out as an interior designing service, the idea to venture into 3D visualization came about due to a serious dearth of quality rendering services for architecture and design. After a decade of self-taught rendering processes by way of technical research and trial and error implementation of various 3D software and styles, the team has developed a custom process of rendering that ensures the fastest and finest quality of work.The team is now growing at a fast pace providing the best quality rendering services to national and international clients. RenderTech strength is to ensure seamless delivery regardless of the client location.


RenderTech aspires to become the go-to expert in the different fields of designing and come together to work in cohesion to produce visuals that could be called works of art. 

Mission Statement

To inspire better designing by providing the best rendering services, keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and coming up with ways to ensure customer delight, in every project. 

    RenderTech Studio is the leading 3D rendering service provider worldwide, operating from Canada. Our clients in Europe, Asia, UK, US, South Africa, Middle East and Canada vouch for our high-quality rendering services. RenderTech provides:

  1. 3D Exterior Rendering
  2. 3D Furniture Rendering
  3. 3D Interior Rendering
  4. 3D Product Rendering
  5. 3D Walkthrough Animations
  6. Architectural 3D Rendering
  7. Floor Plans
  8. Furniture Rendering
  9. House Plans
  10. Interactive Renders
  11. Photomontage
  12. Photorealistic 3D Rendering Services
  13. Product Rendering 

    Whether you are an architect, a builder, an interior designer, a property developer or a product designer, RenderTech can help make your designs not only adept, customized and polished but also far more appealing to the end customer. 

Why choose RenderTech Studio?

At RenderTech Studio, you get:

  1. A group of professional, skilled and enthusiastic people working on rendering projects
  2. Flexibility in the formats for the input and output files
  3. Over 99% accuracy in the projects completed so far
  4. International quality standards maintained on all projects
  5. Competitive pricing
  6. 100% deliveries done on time

    RenderTech is an international design studio which provides premium rendering services to the real estate as well as the product designing segments. The best and latest technology is used to create the design in 3D which ensures that the final output is not just of the highest quality but is also delivered in the quickest time. The payment is easy and there are no hidden charges. 

Establish your brand by creating professional renders for your property and products to impress clients instantly. Give them a photorealistic view or a virtual tour of your designs to show them exactly what you have to offer. 

Identify glitches in the design at an early stage and save costs on remaking your product. View your design from every angle and get a 360-degree perspective before you even start production. Get RenderTech’s tailor-made solutions for your business at the most competitive rates. 

RenderTech Studio is your one-stop-shop to get all your rendering needs fulfilled. What's more? The experts at RenderTech would be happy to help answer any questions or provide a run-through of the rendering technology so you only choose the best to show off your product designs. Call the RenderTech team to get your free demo today.